Monday, February 27, 2006

On The Road Again--Search Engine Strategies 2006

New York is a bit colder than Tampa, but as a NY transplant it sure does bring back memories.
I forgot what it felt like to walk in the cold rain and have the water seep into my soles and get my socks wet. What a horrible feeling....Cold wet feet...

This is NY though, and since it is NY, I find myself not caring about the cold. The restaurants, the food, the culture. There truly is no place like NY.

So, not a ton to report so far, but it does seem that Google is kicking ass. The preliminary stats I've seen show that Google is ahead of Yahoo and MSN in the search wars. The game is definitely not over. Technology is always expanding and the techniques for getting visitors hasn't really changed, but more has been streamlined. Blogs are big (no surprise there) and consumer generated media is grabbing headlines.

Local search did get a lot of attention, and I'm researching better ways to do local search. I'll keep you posted.

Laura Betterly

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