Monday, December 13, 2010

Facebook Tops Google and Local Results Changed!

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Facebook now TOPS Google

by Laura

CNN is now reporting that Facebook traffic had passed Google and in a hurry!

My friend Ryan Deiss predicted this in January and man was he ever right.

Now, Ryan has massed the largest panel of Facebook experts alive today for a live Facebook Bootcamp this Friday--I'm one of them.

Click to see all the details:

You can grab your share of millions of clicks from Facebook in 2011 by hopping on this Bootcamp.

I'll be there, I hope you'll join me. It's actually going to get me out of going shopping on Friday HA!

Join me. Register here:

Have a great Holiday,
- Laura Betterly



Local Results...Changed

from Site Pro News

Google Local and Map have become a big influence on how people search and get results. We can demonstrate this by searching for 'accountant' and the search result returns a broad list of 'accountants', but perhaps too broad so we tend to search again by narrowing the result - adding a location to the search - 'accountant in city' and the results we see are now closer to home.  Click here to read the whole article.



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QR Codes

by Laura

You should have started to see these popping up all over town and on business cards.  QR Codes (short for Quick Response).  These two dimensional code are used with a QR reader and directs an individual to a webpage or gives more information. 

Plus they look really cool!

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Did you know

by Laura

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