Friday, April 16, 2010

Social Media Training, marketing fails and new podcasts released!

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Marketing Fail of the week

found by our own Steve Blom


This one is wrong on so many levels.  It does, however, gives you an idea on why historically speaking advertising not trusted!  I suspect the drug commercials and ads of today will be seen in the future in the same sort of light. Don't these advertisers think we notice them talking about the side effects like death, sexual dysfunction and suicidal thoughts despite the pictures of rolling hills and soothing music in the background?


New Podcasts Released 

by Laura

Want to learn how search engines work?
How to use e-mail marketing and not break the law? How about social media marketing?

Find out that and more with our podcast series on Yada Yada Marketing and to be available on iTunes for download later this week.  Check out our podcast page here.

Another cool announcement!

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I am pleased to annouce that I will be writing for our local lifestyle and entertainment paper, Creative Loafing, on their blog, The Daily Loaf.  If you're in the Tampa Bay area, you'll know what a cool paper they have and great honor it is.  You can visit their site here.


Check out the

Layar application for iPhone helps you get where you're going...

This picture was taken by a friend of mine in NYC.  He is using a smart phone application called "Layar" and is directing him to the nearest Dunkin Donuts.

This technology will completely change how we we think about search and the web.

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Want to learn social media directly from me for less than what it would cost to hire me for just an hour?

Take advantage of a rare opportunity to work directly with me to gain the skills you need to effectively market using social media.  

What started out as a few webinars for a client has turned into a full six weeks training on how to leverage social media for business.  The best part?  It's only $197.00.

I only have 14 spots left, so jump on this amazing opportunity.   Click here to get started (or at the very least find out more.)

Meet Moolah, our cash cow!

Not only rich, but photogenic!

That's her-- right next to our logo on the top of this email.  She was given to me for my birthday by a dear friend of mine and was kind enough to pose for some photo's.   

 It is my wish that well all end up with a cash cow!

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Local Search Webinar Moved to April 23rd


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In less than an hour you will learn what you need to do to compete in what I like to call the new web..

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